FGIRL, formerly facegirl, changed its name for their 10th anniversary.

After having become leader of the erotic classified ads in Switzerland, the erotic masseuses of Geneva, the escort girls in Lausanne and the transsexuals in Neuchâtel discovered recently the change of name which the site of tariffed meeting FaceGirl.ch realized to evolve and improve its communication in fgirl.ch

In place since 2010, you must have come across facegirl advertising from everywhere. The buzz created with the coffee pipe in 2016 was a masterstroke as well as a poker shot. Between love and hate, facegirl.ch has made a place for itself in the erotic domain of Geneva, massage parlours in Lausanne and prostitutes in the Valais.

The technological improvements proposed by the platform are revolutionary. On the one hand, the autonomous management of ads, on the other hand, certified photos by field sales representatives who visit Swiss erotic massage parlours, and then affordable prices have made Facegirl a product that is very quickly coveted by escort girls passing through Switzerland.

The platform was able to meet the needs of male visitors while also listening to the suggestions of luxury courtesans. It is the mix of the two brilliantly combined that has enabled the black and pink directory to become the most visited erotic platform in French-speaking Switzerland with more than one million visitors per month, FaceGirl is the platform that cannot be ignored.

After 10 years of hard work, 2020 is the year of image renewal and consistency for this small Swiss-based advertising company. This "Renaming" in Anglo-Saxon jargon comes to celebrate a decade of development and listening to the prostitution market in which fights to defend eroticism have proved important, such as the action carried out via Demi-mondaine in May during the Covid-19 health crisis.

FGIRL, formerly facegirl, changed its name for their 10th anniversary.

Why change from facegirl.ch to fgirl.ch in 2020?

The issue within Swiss prostitution is real but understandable. The aim of facegirl is to clarify the image of the situation of prostitution, which has continued to evolve in recent years. After climatic disturbances, real estate and health crises, prostitution has also had to follow the movements of clients. Changes in habits, changes in needs, changes in erotic practices and less attractive prices.

We are pleased to make this change after 10 years of development and improvements, which have been the result of the collaboration of a team that listens and is mainly oriented towards the satisfaction of Swiss and cross-border visitors. The version of Facegirl that you see in 2020 has been modelled on the request of gentlemen from Geneva, Vaud, Valais, Fribourg and Neuchâtel.

The purpose of this clarification is to simplify in a general way the brand and what surrounds it. It is in no way a consequence of the sale of the company to xvideos, 6annonce or pornhub.

Sex platforms and their core business should not be mixed up, online video porn sites offer content that facegirl does not. Fgirl will simply continue the identical work that has allowed the escort girls in Geneva attached to Swiss prostitution to work, the erotic tantra-type massages performed in massage institutes in Geneva to palpate rolling as well as the accompaniment of transsexuals in Lausanne with rich men to travel alongside them.

Prostitution in Switzerland has been legal since 1992, this is a fact and it is a blessing to be able to work for these young women in such conditions. The morality police of the different cantons control and defend the beautiful ones permanently ensuring them a comfortable working environment and an unequal security on earth.

This is why our French neighbours living in Annecy, Annemasse or Divonne pass through customs several times a month in order to satisfy the sexual urges of pretty women aged between 18 and 65 years old offering almost all the positions of the Kâma Sûtra such as 69, fellatio, sodomy or French kissing.

Each country has different practices and culturally appropriate legislation. In France, prostitution was legal and tolerated until the 1950s. At the end of the Second World War, restrictions in France in the field of prostitution continued to prevent whores from working in good conditions, which led to the migration of courtesans to much more tolerant countries such as Switzerland.

In Switzerland, FaceGirl.ch is the site where you will find the most escort girls in Switzerland. The evolution into Fgirl.ch is an adaptation for local ambitions. The name is almost identical, and that's the goal.

Almost identical to the old domain name, fgirl.ch was designed so that male visitors to Switzerland understand the continuity of the work of the current staff. The operational and technical structure as well as the wonderful sales team is unchanged. What you may have known while surfing on facegirl for 10 years will be found again in fgirl.ch for your greatest happiness and future enjoyment.

I am a Fgirl

Fgirl.ch instead of Facegirl.ch now displays the company values of 2020.

Discretion being a factor not to be taken lightly, escort girls in Geneva prefer to use photos without displaying the face.

The escort girls in Lausanne also have the desire to remain discreet, living on the territory of the Swiss confederation, these luxury courtesans from the canton of Vaud take no risks. At the end of the month, more and more women are joining the fgirl site and look set to end the difficult months financially. Putting butter in spinach as they say can't do any harm. Quite often, these occasional women make the most of their competence as masseuses with practices such as the body body body, lingam massage or even the famous Swiss tantra massage which is so well known.

The selfies implemented on FaceGirl will still be present in fgirl. This is one of the improvements the platform has made to make a maximum of erotic profile credible.

Having suffered surprises over the years, sometimes with long distances travelled, it was important for the field of price fixing to bring something new in terms of quality. Swiss gentlemanly men have been actively searching for truthfulness for 5 years. This is how facegirl's work has been oriented in this quest. For years, the prostitutes in Geneva publishing advertisements in newspapers such as the GHI, the tribune or Lematin did not turn out to be the ones expected. The online sex, cam, ass and escort girl sites were never very ambitious and quickly missed the turning point to make their platform indispensable.

Remember, the certifications of the time were random or could be bought, which is still the case in 2020 and that's a shame. Fortunately, facegirl's decision to put total transparency, unparalleled verisimilitude and moderation in the public eye, and to encourage certification to 'encourage men in the Swiss sex work industry to regain confidence in an online site. Fgirl continues this work, which is at the heart of this erotic advertiser's business, oriented towards physical encounters, massages, domination and luxury accompaniment.

Escort girls in Neuchâtel wishing to do well can therefore use selfies to increase their success and avoid the doubts of clients who wanted to take action.

Amateur selfies made with an Instagram-style telephone with a few filters quickly saved money. Within prostitution, there were codes to work for years. The image that was to be displayed to the clients had to be professional, retouched and did not show the face 9 times out of 10. This led to disillusionment, theft of photos and loss of time because often no photo matched the woman who opened the door.

The courtesans of Fribourg on Fgirl.ch also love to display themselves in naughty little outfits as selfie. Efficient, cheap, this solution has enabled prostitution to reinvite itself thanks to smartphone technology.

Celebrating 10 years by evolving FaceGirl.ch into Fgirl.ch is not a technical challenge, it is a necessary brand improvement such as a bonus that will facilitate access to thousands of visitors per day by finding the 5 letters of this very short domain name for sure.

The escort girls in Sion will still be able to find the site of the number 1 whores in Switzerland by directly typing Fgirl or Facegirl in their search bar, the facegirl site will simply redirect its natural traffic and organic searches towards this new adapted domain name.

Fgirl.ch - Switzerland's # 1 escort directory

Fgirl.ch is an efficient domain name.

On the Internet, the shorter the domain name, the better. 69 names were mentioned during the various brainstorming sessions to discuss everyone's ideas. Consistency and efficiency prevailed.

Fgirl.ch, a 5-letter name, comes from the principle that simplicity equals beauty. This reduction in the number of letters in the domain name transforming Facegirl to Fgirl will naturally increase the chances of being reachable. This is a very good calculation and an excellent initiative for a company that wants to be sustainable over several years.

By the way, facegirl is not the only one to make adaptations. The escort girls in the Jura also choose their name in such a way that it is as short as possible: 3 or even 4 letters maximum. Success is guaranteed by the erotic massage parlours in the Valais region, which have also realised that simplicity means success in 2020.

Fgirl is the same base but shorter than facegirl, brand memorisation will be faster for new customers which increases the marketing impact and ultimately its effectiveness. For existing customers, the redirection is for life, the colours do not change, the adaptation will be done very quickly.

After multinational companies such as Starbucks, KFC and Apple, Fgirl.ch is evolving like the big boys in the Swiss prostitution industry, with several letters present in its historic domain name Facegirl.ch.

The name change has a long-term vision. Many companies have undergone renaming, such as Instagram (Burbn) for example.

Passionate about computers, the Swiss company of erotic advertising oriented escort, erotic massage and transsexual discovery wants to continue to provide through fgirl a unique quality of service to a clientele of Swiss gentlemen and from neighbouring France growing in lack of sexual appetite. The guidelines are above all to offer authentic naughty content, to have a platform on which it is pleasant to discover photos of a tantra masseuse in Geneva in the simplest aircraft or to be accompanied by a fighter plane straight from a luxury escort agency in Lausanne.

It is in this sense that FACEGIRL cushions have seen the light of day in almost all the massage institutes in Geneva, all the erotic salons in Lausanne and the majority of independent escort girls in the Valais. Tantric erotic masseuses in Neuchâtel have not been forgotten, nor have transsexuals in Fribourg. Almost 90% of facegirl's customers were given small cushions to take a few amateur photos and thus show visitors that the photo was not stolen, that it was indeed taken here in Switzerland, because facegirl's sales representatives do not leave Swiss territory as you can well imagine.

The situation will be the same with the change from facegirl to Fgirl, new cushions will invade erotic establishments and independent girls working in private flats.

With this brand refresh, becoming a fgirl may become a trend in WhatsApp communications between people who practice paid sex in Switzerland. Getting female courtesans in Geneva to advertise themselves as a Fgirl and convey this term as they already do with the term instagrameuse would be a great success!

The job of an erotic advertiser in 2020 is to guarantee visitors 100% certified profiles. There is no doubt that fgirl will go in this direction to the delight of gentlemen living in Switzerland or travelling within the confederation. Facegirl and fgirl had the male confidence, which was not won in view of the history of the milieu. Tantra massage clients in Lausanne or prostitutes in Neuchâtel saw their earnings rise. In 2020, paid sex will still allow people to earn a good living provided they work in good conditions, pay the right prices and above all retain their customers.

As a final word to end this article about Swiss prostitution, facegirl is now fgirl, it is important to recall a few statistics: fgirl has seen about 30,000 escort girls in Switzerland who have registered. Young mothers, single women, amateurs or porn stars have been browsing and advertising for 10 years. Not forgetting the transsexuals in Geneva, who represent 5% of the paid sex market in Switzerland, who have made fgirl their reference site. Some queens of BDSM in Switzerland have also come to offer their specific services on facegirl and will do the same thing at the end of this year 2020 on Fgirl !

Fgirl.ch - Switzerland's # 1 escort directory